Taking Care of My Grandmother’s Safety and Health is Important to Me

My parents were big fans of Tennessee because they were both born there, just as their own parents and grandparents were. I was born in the middle of the US in a state that no one ever really talks about. When my mother told me that my grandmother could no longer live alone, I volunteered to help out. Grandmother’s home was much too large for her to deal with anymore, but I knew there were plenty of Newport News VA apartments that I could live in with her and we would do just fine. Mom said she would mull it over for awhile and let me know. I love my grandmother dearly, so I was willing to do whatever necessary to make sure that she stayed safe.

I knew from my father’s side of the family that one of the elders needed help, but refused all help from the adult children who offered to step in. That person had dementia, and as it progressed, they ended up getting lost one day on a simple drive to the store. She was in a car accident, and she ended up in the hospital, as did the people in the other car that she hit. She then drove off in a daz and wasn’t found for about 10 hours later because she got lost. Everyone was up, and the frustrating thing is that help was ignored when it was offered. But what adult children didn’t realize is that their parent was no longer in a position of being able to say yes or no to help, and the kids should have stepped in anyway.

I wanted grandma not to go through getting lost or even accidentally burning her house down because of living on her own. Her home was so large that she struggled to keep it clean, and on many days, she didn’t even try. Items began to pile up around her home. That can be a health hazard and a fire hazard. I was willing to help her downsize and live in her own city if my mom thought it was a good idea.

Carbon Fiber In Sports Cars

25Sports have become a significant part of mankind’s daily life from time memorial. Different sports sprout here and there depending on one’s choice.

But whatever sport one chooses, it is a popular belief that every one wanted to excel in that certain field. Hence the need to have tools necessary for better playing experience.

Recently, carbon fiber, or graphite fiber, is incorporate into different applications of sporting goods, thus introducing a revolution of sporting goods in a whole new level of performance.

For people who are enthusiastic with racing cars, powerboat and motorbikes, they are well aware that being strong and at the same time, lightweight are two main properties needed for the constructions, designs and manufactures of these things. With this being said, graphite fiber has become the best material for many applications. One example of racing car that deals a huge amount of this material is Formula One. It is the top of its class among racing cars. The normal high speed it could get is up to 360 km/hr and its engine revving up to a limit of 18,000 rpm. Due to its needed performance, Formula One cars need a great amount of carbon fiber composites to support its chassis. The material helps the car to maintain its strength and being extremely stiff, yet at the same time, rendering it light. Because of the composite, cars like these meet the minimum required weight for racing cars, which is 620 kg, without compromising the over all performance of the cars.

The material is also applied in disc brakes. With this application, the weight is reduce but the frictional performance is increase to a great extent. This resulted to a great level of breaking performance for the drivers. What is more amazing is that carbon composites are corrosion and flame resistant. Other parts of the car that has these applications are suspension and gearbox. The components made out of this material posed a big challenge as it requires a laborious job. It involves different processes from autoclaving (sterilizing); to vacuuming; and finally the curing stage. Each procedure requires a hundred or more hours of manual labor. However, the finish product is a trusted racing car which performs unparalleled.

Lenso Wheels Gives Your Car Peak Performance

60For avid race drivers who enjoy the full performance of their sports cars, finding wheels that can keep up may be a challenge. You, probably, want to find wheels that enhance your car’s abilities and give you a better overall driving experience.

Lenso Wheels have many options available when it comes to high performance wheels for your car. They have a long standing 30 year history in the manufacturing and designing of high quality products which has put them at the forefront of such a competitive industry.

The range that more specifically caters for high performance is called the Lenso Project D series. The wheels in this range have been specifically designed for vehicle tuners and racers. The technology in the manufacturing of these wheels accommodates for four wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles. Therefore they are suitable for circuit racing, drifting, and drag racing. For added fun there are a variety colours to suit your racing car such as hyper black, gold, red, and silver.

Lenso Project D series’ wheels are made of alloy; which is a very strong material in comparison to their weight. The alloy material tends to be quite light weight and this is a characteristic that is sought after in racing circles. The lighter the overall weight of the vehicle, the quicker it is able to reach higher speeds. If the vehicle is lighter it is able to respond quicker to corresponding driver actions. This could mean the difference between a win or lose in terms of motor racing. Which race car driver doesn’t desire to win?

In addition, the Lenso Project D series’ wheels are durable so they can withstand a lot of racing punishment. They can endure every lap during a race or an evening of repeated drag racing. Plus they give your car more brake clearance ability and deceleration which is necessary when you are competing with other cars and do not want to crash into them suddenly. They also have a more accurate steering response which is essential when you’re racing around tight corners on the race track. Due to their high performance abilities and technological advancements they have been adopted by many motorsport teams as the wheel of choice.

It is evident that Lenso Wheels is a big player in the racing world with regards to its Project D series. Their durability, lightweight, and design elements give them the edge. All these aspects combined create a high performance wheel that is wanted by novice and expert racers alike.

A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How To Keep Your Racing Car’s Engine Clean Without Spending

59All those who engage in car racing,heck, all those who drive know the crucialness of a clean engine. In my case, a clean racing engine engine is synonymous to a flawless and speedy run. Over the years, I have learned through my dad, my uncle, my friends and my racing buddies ways on how to keep my racing car’s engine clean.

You may wonder that my dad did give some pointers considering he hates when I race. Well, I got it the old fashion way, I told it was for homework. Sounds juvenile and underrated, but it worked. And he did give me my first motor cycle. But then, that’s another story.

Engines of racing cars have some major differences compared to normal cars. One of the cutting edge parts of a topnotch racing car’s engine is the Tracecut software, that allows the duplication of ideal port and combustion chamber designs and also generates NC code which is needed to machine the profiles in aluminum heads. Well, I want to talk English here so let’s leave that part for my next post.

As I’ve said, I have collected through the years a number of how-to’s when it comes racing car engine maintenance. But mind you, maintaining a racing car is very costly. Owning a racing car is an investment. You’ve got to put your heart and soul into it, and your bank account as well. If you want to be a professional car racer, meaning you want to race in Daytona, then be prepared to write a huge amount in your checking account.

Practical tips

The advise that I’ll be giving is for your day-to-day living with your racing car. Have come up practical how to’s on maintaining your racing car’s engine right in your own garage.

1. Do a daily check of your tires.

2. Make sure your steering and front suspension are appropriately aligned.

3. Apply the thinnest viscocity recommended by your car manufacturer.

4. Always keep your fuel and air filtr free of dust.

5. Use the appropriate fuel for your car. Gas is 3 dollars a gallon. There.

6. Don’t be easily fooled by tv car ads selling “must-haves”. Consult with pros.

7. Don’t warm up your car more than the time it should be done. Just stick to the clock. Excess is not good.

8. Start your day with a checkup

Do these ways possibly at the start of the day. That way, if you see any striking inconsistencies, you have the whole day to guard it at the mechanics. The ways don’t require any spending but a great deal of observation and feeling your car.

Telling from experience

Not trying to play the racing car specialist here. As you have seen, these are practical and simple ways to keep your racing car engine clean. The experts definitely have more sophisticated ways to maintain racing cars and some are kept within their walls. At the end of the day, keeping it clean matter the most. I know we all treat our wheels like they’re alive and kicking. Well, they actually are. For those who race, be it professionally or just for the passion, our racing cars are the extension of ourselves. And a clean racing car engine is the reflection of what we feel and think and act upon.

Though his life seem figured out and grounded as a neurosurgeon, Vastine has one interesting and risky hobby, motor and car racing. It is only in racing racing blog that he can openly share how he sneaks out to race in the mountains of Chengdu and all things imaginable and unimaginable about his motor and car racing.

Drag Racing Car Numbers & Dial-Ins

58Over the weekend I was asked to help out in the drag strip’s tower as one of the workers had a relative who was seriously ill. They helped me try and learn the system with a crash course in it. Being in the tower gave me a new perspective of racing and made me appreciate more the hard job they have up there, especially working with the computer system they have.

One thing I noticed that is a big problem, is being able to read the car numbers and dial in’s. They sit approximately 80 feet from the line I’m guessing and trying to read shoe polish and people’s writing from that distance is a real challenge even with binoculars! Most regular racers do a good job, but there are some that are so bad, we have to ask the starter to tell us and that can hold up the race.

For those who do not race often, please understand how important it is that the tower be able to read your car number and dial in. It needs to be written on the top right side of your windshield and on the right side of your car, on the window if it’s a door car. They need to be written on the right side of a dragster and bike as well, not just on the windshield. The numbers need to be big enough, dark enough and legible. Some just slap on one coat of shoe polish for the night and it can’t be read from that distance. Please go over your numbers a few times with the polish and make sure it’s dark enough and written big enough. Using white or bright yellow or green polish is preferred over red and blue, especially at night. If you are using led lights, make sure they are turned up during the day and turned down a little at night.

If the numbers are put on the side of a dragster or bike they should be a contrasting color to the paint. Having numbers matching the color scheme of the car or written in script look real pretty, but they are extremely hard to see from the tower especially at night. Metallic numbers also are hard to read at night with the glare of the track lights.

Another issue are cars that have more than one car number on them. This is where a car may have more than one driver who has a permanent number. Make sure that the number(s) not being used are clearly marked out. You cannot see one swipe of shoe polish from the tower. Use a piece of black electrical tape or something that draws a line clearly through the number not being used so the tower knows which car number you want to use.

I have learned how important being able to read those numbers are and realize I need to make my car’s number bigger. Keep in mind, that if the people in the tower cannot read the numbers, they have to ask the starter to read it to them and that holds the cars up on the line as they have to enter the info then or re-enter incorrect info. That all takes time causing the hold up. So be considerate of those in the tower doing their best to get numbers right and remember to always check your dial in before you stage.