RC Car Battery Packs What’s The Difference between “LiPO & NiMH”

55LiPO battery is more powerful & lighter than NiMH that’s why this battery is used in model airplane and helicopters. LiPO batteries are taking place in the market nowadays because these batteries are providing more energy and power to your Elecronic RC model car.

LiPO batteries are currently used in laptops & cell phones. LiPO battery has created a world record in providing more power. The main reason of popularity of this battery is that its performance is so high and cost is affordable. Many Chinese companies are manufacturing this product so that these are easily available in the market at affordable price. As we all know that due to the increasing popularity of World Wide Web (internet) people prefer to do buy products by online stores. You can get the best product as well as good customer supports if purchase online.

Now the time is to know about NiMH battery, this battery is available with lowest price and also provide better performance. It is reliable and durable. NiMH battery is keeping alive the technology that is used 20 years ago. You can charge this battery with simple charger and this is also a big factor of being this battery very cheap.

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Lost and Found: How to find your “Barn Find”

531958 Berkley Roadster Found in the Southern Claifornia Mountains for $600

Everyone in the car hobby is always looking for that rare”barn find” but if you know how to look they are far more common then you may think. Over the years I have found dozens of ultra rare cars, from a forgotten Boss 302, to classic Austin Healey’s with racing history and everything in between. There are always stories about car hunters, even some T.V. shows have popped up that make it seem like finding an old car is a magical gift. To make the show or story interesting there is always a cloud of mystery to how they find these diamonds in the rough, and they pretend that these cars are so few and far between that it has to be a full time job.

Well…You don’t have to root around behind peoples barns, get chased by farm dogs, or pick through abandoned buildings hoping to uncover some hidden gem. As someone that has been finding, restoring, selling, trading, and racing old cars for the last 14 years I have some idea on what it takes to find them. The professional car hunters will not be happy, but here are some tips for first time car hunters:

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Fiat 500, Deep in the heart of Texas

54The Fiat 500, the original was a response to the Suez Crisis of 1956, the post war European economy was beginning to wake up and by 1955 half of all ships passing through the Suez Canal were oil tankers. Fiat no stranger to small cars had released the Fiat 600 in 1955, but with the oil crisis of 1956 it was clear that a even more fuel efficient car was needed for the growing urban centers in Europe. The Fiat 500 is considered by many to be the first “City Car”. But that is enough history, today people are just as concerned about oil prices, cities are still growing, and people are looking for stylish alternatives to the standard econo-box hatchback. Just as it was in the late 1950’s the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper stepped up to answer the call with cars that have a little personality.

As a car lover I could not wait for the new Fiat 500 to hit US Shores, I had owned several classic Fiats over the years, but had not driven a new Fiat since my last trip to Europe. So I did what most people would do and headed over to the local dealership (they call them studios) the showrooms are slick, clean red and white paneling, smooth Italian styled cabinets and displays, a coffee bar, and lots of glass. The only problem with the dealer is that no one would walk out and help me. After spending 20 mins walking around the lot, looking at every car, no one would come out. Now back when I sold cars, you get someone on the lot, at 10AM on a weekday, that’s a good opportunity. So I made my way into the showroom where I found no-one, I began to wonder if I had missed the rapture, but at last I spotted a salesperson sitting a glass office. I waved, shouted, and he looked up with little regard, and turned back to whatever it was he was doing. So needless to say, the first drive of a 500 would not come from Fiat of Ontario. I reached out to them, but that is another story for another time. I was headed to Dallas.


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The History of Racing Stripes and Some Interesting Facts

50Initially, the stripes served a practical purpose and they turned into a tuning material later on.

As the name suggests, racing stripes were first applied to cars participating in races, in order to increase recognition. According to some official information, such stripes were applied to the Cunningham team racing cars in 1951.

In the 1960s, the stripes started getting applied to cars apart from the vehicles used in races. They were called go-faster stripes during that period and they were used to achieve the cool appearance of race cars. The hood, the roof of the car and the trunk were the places where the stripes were installed most often.

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Porsche 956/962 Powered Group C/GTP Race Car GKW

49A Unique Car, only one specimen in the whole world, Chassis Number 001/88, an Unbelievable Result!!!
700Kg and over 750 HP, an Amazing Spare Package: there is Certainly No Other Group C Cars which comes with a similar package.

Designed for the Swiss Driver Claude Haldi, who raced several times in Le Mans with many different racing Porsches, up to Porsche 934 and Porsche 935, by the Italian genius, engineer and racing driver Gabriele
Gottifredi in cooperation with the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 specialist who built the Niki Lauda Alfa Formula 1, GKW racing car was supposed to run at Le Mans, Fuji and 1988 Monza circuits, where it performed several tests, but did not participate because it was under completion at the appointed date. After this the sponsors retired due to lack of money and the project was stopped.

The car was in GKW workshop for more than 10 years before that an Italian gentleman drive purchased  it with all spares package. The new owner ordered a completely dismantling and parts renew to a very specialized shop: the GKW Race Car was completely re-worked, excluding engines. The workshop that did the job participated to Le Mans 24 hours with a Group C2 years ago and today is specialized on Ferrari Challenger racing cars, Sport prototypes, Formula 3000 and so on.

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