HKS GT II 7460R Turbo Upgrade For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV-IX

56HKS introduces the GT II 7460R Turbo Upgrade for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV-IX

HKS USA, Inc., the premier manufacturer and supplier of premium automotive performance systems, launches the first of its proprietary design HKS GTII Series turbocharger kits, the GTII 7460R.

As the first of the new HKS turbocharger line, the GTII 7460R incorporates a reverse rotation turbine design that provides the benefit of a bolt-on application, stock replacement upgrade turbocharger for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX.

The special cast turbine and compressor housings of the HKS GTII 7460R allows it to be a true bolt-on upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution IV-IX by utilizing the OEM exhaust manifold. The HKS GTII 7460R is also a twin scroll, reverse rotation turbocharger. This design allows for a shorter and straighter exhaust path to the turbine wheel, delivering the benefits of less restriction and increased boost response while allowing full spool and stable boost pressure throughout the RPM range.

Intake and exhaust port designs optimize the flow area to allow an increase in air-flow capacity while the ball bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA) improves low-speed response and quicker boost pressure ramp up times Use of premium materials include inconel® for the turbine wheel because of inconel’s resistance to oxidation and its ability to maintain its structural integrity in high temperature atmospheres. Special heat resistant cast material increases the reliability and durability of the turbine housing. The GTII 7460R produced 373.4 WHP and 355.62 ft. lbs Torque with the boost set at 1.78 Bar (25.8 PSI) on 93 octane. Tested on a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX with the following parts:

• GTII 7460R Sport Turbo Kit
• R-Type Intercooler Kit (with EVO IX fitment kit)
• Step1 Mivec Camshaft Set
• Racing Muffler
• GT Extension Kit
• F-Con V-Pro
• Fuel Upgrade Kit (800cc Injectors & Fuel Pump)
• Racing Suction Reloaded Intake Kit
• Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs

The HKS GT II 7460R Turbo upgrade is available now through authorized HKS dealers and is designated for Off Road Use Only.

HKS GTII 7460R Turbos give great results !

We’re receiving various excellent reports of great performance from engine tuners around Europe who are installing the new HKS GTII 7460R Turbo on EVOs. Here is such a report

As I promised earlier, here is the dyno graph from the EVO 8 with 2,2 Litre stroker and HKS GTII 7460, just ran it in our dyno 1 hour ago, 479bhp/614Nm …

Possible to get more power and torque as we are only running 1,7 bar boost in bottom/midrange and 1,5 bar at high rpm but we will settle for this as customer wanted about 450bhp/550Nm …

This turbo is amazing when it comes to spool, we just tried for the fun of it and we made over 2 bar boost at about 2500-2600 rpm on 5th gear … Best bolt-on turbo we have tried this far …